An essay is a written paper in the form of a short essay on a chosen topic. In it, you must demonstrate the ability to reason, reveal the logic of the narration and demonstrate knowledge of the subject.

How to write an essay: structural essay requirements

  1. The relevance of the paper. In this section you should show why you chose this topic for an essay. Loud and unfounded statements are inappropriate here. Argue your choice. Show the importance of this topic for you personally. Why, in your opinion, this topic is included in the program of studying the subject. Uncover the relevance of the topic now. Volume: 3 – 4 sentences.
  2. The meaning of the statement. Here it is necessary to reveal the meaning of the statement you have chosen. Tell us what, in your opinion, the author has invested in it. Have you noticed that the chosen aphorism hides several meanings or problems? Mark all, then select one of them – the one about which you will argue in the future. The volume of the section is 3 – 4 sentences.
  3. Your position in relation to the author’s statement. It is important to disclose your position on the text of the statement: do you agree with the author of the statement or not. If you have any additions, arguments that deny the author’s statement or confirm the generality of your views with the author, list them briefly. The volume of this section is no more than 2 sentences.
  4. The argument of your personal position. More fully disclose the essence of the theses in the previous section. You can present a personal position with the help of arguments based on examples of history, literary works, and events of modern times. Beneficially argue your point of view, theses based on personal life history and personal experience. At the same time, it is necessary to lay out the arguments in a strictly theoretical language, using the conceptual apparatus (terminological basis) on the topic of argumentation. Arguments in the style of “It seems to me wrong” or “We discussed this issue with a friend yesterday and we thought it was interesting” are not considered valid. Accordingly, a similar level of argumentation is estimated by essentially lower scores. This part of the essay should be formulated in 6-10 sentences.
  5. Conclusions on the subject of paper. Give a finished look to your thoughts. Summarize the arguments and arguments used. Make logical conclusions from reasoning and evidence. Volume is 2-3 sentences.

How to write an a essay in college: paper design

To the design of the essay are fairly simple requirements. The total paper volume is usually one or two A4 sheets.